Chemical Range

CCLE Chemical Range

Click the tabs below to view our range of industrial cleaning chemicals. If you require further information or would like to place an order, please contact us.

chemgreenDishwasher & Tannin Remover

is a highly concentrated liquid detergent ideal for use in all water conditions. When used in conjunction with HIGH ACTIVE RINSE AID its extended solution life will rapidly remove fats, protein, tannin deposits, vegetable debris and more. Ensuring clean and sparkling crockery and cutlery ready for immediate racking.

chemblueRinse Aid High Active Rinse Additive

is specially formulated for the use in automatic dishwashing and glasswashing machines with all water conditions. Promotes rapid drying by aiding the rinse water to be repelled from the surface allowing the latent heat to complete the drying process helping eliminate spotting and streaking.

chemorangeGlasswash Liquid & Lipstick Remover

is a highly concentrated cabinet glass washing detergent ideal for use in all water conditions. When used in conjunction with HIGH ACTIVE RINSE AID, will rapidly remove lipstick marks and stains from glassware leaving them sparkling clean and shining.

chempurpleMachine & Glass Cleanser

is an alkaline chlorinated detergent sanitizer formula for the cleaning of internal workings of cabinet glasswashers and dishwashers. It is alson an effective glass renovator to remove heavy deposits of protein and beer stains from glassware.

chemredMachine Descaler Extra

is a low foam, phosphoric acid based detergent. It is ideal for use in recirculation applications. It is highly effective at removing mineral, protein and vegetable deposits from catering equipment, such as vegetable boilers, tea urns, ice machines, dishwasher/glasswahers etc.

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